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6au6 tube equivalent

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6au6 tube equivalent

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Priced at $169.50 plus $24.95 for an optional walnut or mahogany case, the kit uses 11 tubes including an ECC88/6DJ8 and ECC85/6AQ8 in the front end, an EM84A/6FG6 eye tube, 4 each 6AU6 for IF and limiter/ratio-detector, 2 each 12AX7 and 2 each 12AT7 for multiplex decoder and audio. TUBES Thirty Five (Hanover and Winslow Receivers) POWER SUPPLY 110-120 Volts AC-60 cycle RATINGS 2.9 Amp. at 117 Volts AC (TV), 2.2 Amp. at 117 Volts AC (AM) TUNING RANGE TV-FM 44-216MC Continuous Tuni AM 540-1600KC INDEX AGC Adjustment Alignment Instructions . . Dial Cord Stringing . Disassembly Instructions . 20 .. 12, 21 20 20 .15 thru 19

Fig 4. Electrostatic effects in the 6AU6 pentode, pentode and beam tetrode operation, pentode Ra, µ and gm. 6AU6 triode connected and its amount of internal NFB. NFB in 6SN7, and why ß = 1 / µ , with more NFB and gain equations. The Miller effect. TUBE OPERATION 2 Fig 5. Graph of 6SN7 Ra curves with load lines for 47k and 32k. EF94 is electrical and pin equivalent to the 6AU6.Brimar 6BR7 seem to be nice AF tube, electrically similar to EF86, but is not pin compatible. still obtainable for reasonable (~15USD) scratch. Source is Reply 15 to note 11804 in el34 world.